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About Bonnie

With over 20 years experience as a holistic practitioner, I am passionate about natural healing. I believe in giving the body the support it needs to do what it has the innate intelligence to do – heal. This has been my personal approach to health for many years. Patients say, ‘she walks her talk.’

Prior to becoming a student of Oriental Medicine, I received acupuncture treatments consistently for a decade. That’s how I know firsthand what the medicine can do. Initially, I sought acupuncture for chronic pain from an automobile accident injury.  Realizing the unexpected benefits – after getting past the chronic pain – I continued receiving treatments preventatively.  It was with this depth of understanding about the body and healing process I began the transformation of becoming an acupuncturist.

When it comes to treating, I have learned many skills during 20+ years as a holistic practitioner.  As a result, I integrate western and oriental methods for diagnosing and treating. This allows me to be more thorough in treating the whole person.  This is also like the approach used in functional medicine.   Treatments and recommendations are tailored to your individual needs.   This could be teaching exercises, yoga postures, how to use food as medicine, choosing a customized detox or cleansing program or simply tweaking your current practices and routines. I listen to you, am thorough and genuinely care about your well-being.  Recognizing healing as an individualized journey I am able to help you find solutions for your specific health needs.  Mentoring you while achieving your health goals is done in a teamwork environment.  Additional ‘tools’ utilized: Chinese herbs, supplements, moxibustion, cupping, dietary education/coaching, lifestyle change suggestions and auricular (ear) acupuncture. Many tools provide you with many options.

While I treat a broad array of conditions and illnesses, my focus is digestive pain including it’s related issues,  anxiety i.e., GAD, PTSD, panic attacks, and pain i.e., muscle pain, headaches, joint pain, back pain, neck pain, migraines, etc.

Before returning home to North Carolina and practicing acupuncture in Cary,  I practiced in Denver, CO.  There I was on the marketing committee of the Acupuncture Association of Colorado. I was a member of the Alter Med Research Foundation interfacing allopathic medicine and research based complementary medicines. I also volunteered with Acupuncture Without Borders after the Aurora theatre shootings and participated in local news station health fairs. I am currently licensed in North Carolina and have served as vice president and treasurer for the North Carolina Society of Acupuncture and Asian Medicine (NCSAAM).   Nationally, I maintain certification with the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM).  Additionally, I am certified as a Diplomate in Oriental Medicine which includes Foundations in Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture with Point Location, Herbology and Biomedicine.

My Master of Science and Oriental Medicine degree was earned from Southwest Acupuncture College in Santa Fe, NM. Additionally, I have a Bachelors of Science degree.

To see my complete CV click here.