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by Bonnie Cashwell, MSOM, Dipl OM, LAc

How can acupuncture help with pancreatic cancer?
Glad you’re inquiring.

We know that typically pancreatic cancer is discovered in advanced stages and rapidly metastasises. This discovery can put the individual in a heightened state of stress, emotional disruption and perhaps depression – a challenging place from which to make sound decisions. These factors added to the already compromised state of health and symptoms being experienced can be overwhelming.

The benefits of receiving acupuncture in this situation are numerous:

  • Provides symptomatic physical relief of digestion, fatigue, appetite, pain – it’s important physically and psycho/emotionally to get a break from the pain
  • Provides balancing of the emotions i.e., depression, anger, fear, etc.
  • Effectively provides relief from the side affects of chemotherapy i.e., nausea, fatigue, appetite

This is all accomplished naturally without the use of additional pharmaceutical drugs.

Let’s not overlook those who are the care givers. Care givers also need support in maintaining their stamina and balance on the physical and emotional levels. Being in a supportive role requires sound decision-making while simultaenously dealing with their own emotional challenges of the process.

In summary, acupuncture can reduce the trauma of this experience – whether you are the patient or the care giver.

Bonnie Cashwell
Licensed Acupuncturist and Diplomate in Oriental Medicine.
This article was written for the National Pancreatic Cancer Foundation. Please support their cause.

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