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Is This You?

Like most patients who find their way to my care, you are the patient in the know. You realize there are answers to questions you’ve not yet found. You will also continue to seek the results you want for your health goals until satisfied.

The help you’ve received from conventional medicine approaches has fallen short providing relief. Holistic approaches are more suitable for you.

You want your health back and to heal naturally in a way that supports sustainability of your health vs. being given the band-aid approach which is temporary and may cause a different, additional set of problems.

You seek change and want help tailoring those changes to what is best for you.

Your questions include:

– My lab results say I’m in range and everything is normal but I just don’t feel like my usual self.

– Why do I keep waking up during the night?

– Why is my energy so low so much of the time?

– Should I take supplements? Which ones? When?

– Why is gluten such an issue? The information is confusing.

– Do I really need all of these prescribed drugs?

– Could my eating habits be better?

– Am I eating the best foods for me?

– What kind of exercises would be best?

Work with me. I will treat your whole person.  We will work together, find solutions for your health needs and achieve your goals. You will have an improved quality of life.

To get answers, schedule your free 15 minute phone conversation now.   919-604-2735

Providing acupuncture in Raleigh and Cary, NC.