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‘Acupuncture Energized My Recovery’

I recently had a positive experience with Bonnie. I have been recovering from two successful cardiac procedures and these acupuncture treatments just “topped off” and energized my recovery. I feel good. The facility is comfortable, immaculate and all Covid protocols were in place. Bonnie is a good teacher and a well experienced clinician. I enthusiastically recommend her. ~~Carol R.

Compassionate & Caring

Bonnie is one of the best acupuncturists I’ve ever worked with. She’s very compassionate and caring. I would recommend anyone who needs acupuncture for any reason to see her.  ~~Lisa M

Burdensom No More…Back Pain

Thanks to Bonnie and her acupuncture services the chronic back pain I’d been experiencing for years is well under control. Realizing how much energy was being lost to that back pain and no longer being burdened by it has been a game changer.  ~~Jared R.

Fighting Bronchitis & Allergies

Bonnie is awesome!! During allergy season, I was getting bronchitis every year. Bonnie helped my body fight against this. Past allergy season all was good. Bonnie also helped me with neck pain. I highly recommend Bonnie!! ~~Anne Marie B.

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