Neck Pain

I developed upper neck pain after once starting to regularly go to the chiropractor in fall 2015. After about a year and a half, with no release in pain, my boyfriend finally convinced me to try acupuncture. When looking on Yelp, Bonnie’s practice came up for a free consultation (which is always nice) and I decided to make an appointment.

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Asthma Relief

Bonnie treated me when her practice was in Denver and I wish she’d come back!  I have a weird type of asthma — small airways disease — and I visited her on a day I was having breathing issues.  After her treatment, my airways magically opened up and I could breathe much better.  She’s thorough, personable and professional and I’d

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Depression & Anxiety

Bonnie treated me for depression, acute anxiety and an over all sense of well being.  I was amazed at the effect of her healing touch. Her treatments helped me make a positive change in my life. I am so appreciative for Bonnie’s skill, insight and her caring attitude.  ~~M.C.

Relief from Hip Pain

Is acupuncture “magic”?  Yes, it is and I’m not talking about the woo-woo variety!  After just two treatments, my hip was fully flexible, operational and pain-free.  In addition, when I arrived for my second treatment, I was dead tired with very low energy.  After my treatment, my energy level did a 180 and I was feeling fine.  Allow me to

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