My life has changed for the better

I am not surprised to see that Bonnie has a list of glowing reviews on Yelp.  I was brand new to acupuncture on my first visit with her and now I am a lifelong fan.  She took the time to educate me about important elements of acupuncture and the reasoning behind it.   She has really changed my outlook on nutrition and healthful living.  And the best part, I have seen and experienced ACTUAL results in my body and wellbeing!  Every time I have had her treat a part of my body or mind, I walked away feeling the changes and healing.  Her practice name really does say it all, the Balancing Acupuncture that Bonnie provides has balanced me in countless ways.  My life has changed for the better and so has my body.   Also, if you’ve never tried acupuncture and have an inkling that you’d like to see what it’s like… give Bonnie a try.  She’s the best way to get introduced and start enjoying the benefits of a balanced body and mind!   ~~Rachel C.