Neck Pain

I developed upper neck pain after once starting to regularly go to the chiropractor in fall 2015. After about a year and a half, with no release in pain, my boyfriend finally convinced me to try acupuncture. When looking on Yelp, Bonnie’s practice came up for a free consultation (which is always nice) and I decided to make an appointment. I wasn’t too sure what to expect and was completely open to anything that could help with how uncomfortable my next and upper back pain was becoming. After my initial consultation and seeing if Bonnie was a good fit for me and if I was a good fit for Bonnie we gave it a shot and I saw improvement within my first three sessions! I also was diagnosed with mono so I had chronic fatigue. Currently I am on a bunch of supplements and beginning to see Bonnie twice a week but I’ve seen such a huge improvement energy wise and health wise! Would definitely recommend anyone to Bonnie with any chronic pain or health aliments that seem to not have a “western” cure. Also, she makes me so comfortable sometimes I just talk about my life. Total therapy session haha.   ~~Alexis G.