Toss The Crutches

I highly recommend Balancing Acupuncture center. As the name is, so is the service. Very balanced in all ways. Bonnie is well versed in what she does. She is the most kind and understanding therapist I have ever met. I went to Bonnie with crutches. I had a nerve issue and couldn’t walk. She made me feel the world under my feet in just 3 sittings. I never thought acupuncture was my way to get out of pain. I was hesitant for the needles on my body. I was always anxious before the treatment. If you are thinking the same, I would say, you should go ahead and you will overcome the fear in few sittings because the healing is all that matters. The center is well maintained, kept clean always. Thank you Bonnie for everything! You have two powers in you…your knowledge on the subject and the magic in your smile! Keep healing people!  ~~ Sumithra Rao.

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